My Life As A Reader

I have always been an avid reader.I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters, and my mother used to say that while it was “pulling teeth” trying to get them to open a book, she never had that problem with me. I remember being thrilled when I graduated from picture books to chapter books, where there was much less of a presence of illustration, most times not even at all.As a kid with a wild imagination, it opened up a whole new world.Now suddenly I could imagine myself what that castle in the magic kingdom looked like in “Sleeping Beauty” , or how fast the pirate ships really were in “Peter Pan”.This led to drawing, where I would spend hours on end going through countless pieces of construction paper with my “”illustrations” on them.

As I got older reading became more and more apart of my life. It is easy for reading to be seen as a chore, especially in terms of academics (I have yet to meet anyone who loves to “read for school”) but that is where imagination should come into play.I think for me , reading keeps the imagination and creativity that lies within myself alive. It resurrects my ability to create and imagine how certain situations play out in my mind. Just like when I was younger and would imagine the magic castle or the pirate ships, I now get to create and imagine a whole new world of endless possibilities.

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