The Waste Land PT 2

After last weeks class discussion, I was able to at least somewhat understand the general outline of what Eliot is trying to convey. However, that doesn’t mean I am not still left confused by the end of this poem.

I am beginning to understand that all of the¬†speakers and situations described in the poem all have something in common. The subject of Love, or lack there of.The way that this is portrayed in the various situations makes me begin to question¬†Eliot’s intentions of this poem. Is he trying to convey an overall negative idea about love in our lives? Or is he portraying these situations as an example for how we should NOT live our lives when in the presence of love?

I could be wrong but I think I would get a better understanding of where he’s coming from if this poem wasn’t so complicated. If there weren’t so many characters and situations. Maybe it’s on purpose as a way to represent all of humanity, but I just feel like it would be easier on the reader if he focused on only a few subjects.

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