Hemingway “The Sun Also Rises”

First off, after reading something as detailed as “The Waste Land” it really is a relief to read a work from someone like Ernest Hemingway.  It’s like reading something from the other side of the spectrum.

That’s not to say that Hemingway isn’t just a detailed and vivid. It is already becoming clear to me while reading “The Sun Also Rises” that it is in the style and structure of the language that make it so effective. I know that Hemingway is known for his minimalist approach in his works and this novel is no different. So far the characters rarely say more than just a few lines to each other at a time. Though it may seem like it’s short and sweet, what makes it so brilliant is that Hemingway intentionally uses these short phrases in order to reveal a whole lot more about the story and the character only by just a few words.  What a contrast this is to a novel such as “Heart of Darkness”.

However, I do feel that it’s even more effective using this style because it leaves a lot to question and to decipher about the protagonists of his stories,like Cohn.I don’t know why, but I just find it more appealing to read something that’s not one idea drawn out into a million different phrases.I think I’m going to to enjoy the rest of Hemingway.

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