The relationship between Brett & Jake,Robert & Mike

The relationship between Brett and Jake,Robert, and Mike is extremely amusing. Here is a woman that all three men are crazy about, yet in between them lies an everlasting conflict. It seems to be that on the surface, Brett is extremely independent. She does what she wants, without any influence or approval from a man.She also has little care for the feelings of Jake, Robert and Mike.Emotionally, however, she does. When she asks Jake if he still loves her and he tells her that he does, she sees his feelings for her as a safety net.

I think all three men seek an emotional commitment from Brett. I think that they think if they did, it would be that much easier to control her behavior.However, in a way, Brett’s independence makes her dominant because whenever the men try to control her, they fail at doing so. Brett wanted Romero, and there was nothing Jake could do to prevent her from that.

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