The Sound and The Fury

“April 7,1928  first half.   blog: at what point did the book come alive for you.?”

I think that’s a funny question, because even though I am well into reading this story, I still don’t think it has come alive for me just yet. I mean,I  get the general idea of the plot so far (at least what I think it is about) but I am still waiting for the moment when the story finally comes together for me.

There is so much to be confused about when reading this book. Not only are we constantly being brought back to a certain place in time, we are given the perspective of someone who isn’t mentally stable. Not only that, but we are also dealing with characters who possess the same names. As a reader, that’s quite a tall order.

However, I think Faulkner is definitely brilliant in the way he is able to portray each character so well, especially in the case of Benjy. Benjy’s perspective would essentially be quite unclear, since he is does not possess the mental capacity to process logical thoughts. This is effectively translated to the reader, as we are left feeling just as confused.

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