Benjy and Caddy

At this point, I’m very interested in learning what happened to Caddy. From what I can tell from the second half, Benjy seems to have a strong emotional connection to his memories of Caddy,at least that is clear.His memories and flashbacks predominately involve her, and it seems to allude to a significant time in Caddy’s adolescence. I don’t know why Benjy thinks of those moments in particular, but it seems as thought he and Caddy had a special kind of relationship.

It seems as though Caddy was very protective and cautious of Benjy’s emotions. She washes out her mouth when Benjy gets upset that she’s kissing Charlie. At the end, she holds Benjy while they both fall asleep. It seems as though she has great sympathy towards  Benjy’s welfare, and so far  that’s something that I think Mr and Mrs Compton lack.

So now I am wondering what ever became of Caddy.If she really loved Benjy, why would she leave him, knowing that he was attached to her? If she really cared about him, would she have stayed?

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  1.   beverly gross Said:

    on November 2, 2010 at 8:29 am

    your questions about Caddy in the last paragraph are exactly what Faulkner wanted of the reader–and what the next two sections bring to light

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