June 2nd 1910 “If it had been cloudy”

I was more than a little perplexed as to how to explain the significance (if any) about the statement of “If it had been cloudy”. Upon reading my other classmates blogs, I found Caitlin’s to propose the most interesting of arguments. It has to deal with the question of sanity, and where it lies in the Compton family. Though Benjy is seen as the one who is physically and mentally unstable, it appears that though the other members of the Compton family are physically stable, they are all just as mentally or even more so mentally unstable as Benjy is. Quentin is now appearing as the outcast in the Compton family, a role that up until this point in the text seemed to be awarded to Benjy.

This passage sparks further curiosity in the fate of Caddie. Quentin holds on to some  significant attachment to her, whether or not Caddy herself even realized it is unknown.  But it’s definitely interesting to see just how protective he is of Caddie, even if it’s to the extreme. I think there is a much deeper meaning to his behavior than just him as  a overly protective sibling.  I think it shows just how tormented his character really is- again contributing to the idea that Benjy is not the only one to suffer from mental instability. I actually think Benjy may be the lucky one after all, because at least he has someone to look out for him.

Another observation that I found interesting from Caitlin’s blog is the idea of that the parents’ neglectfulness is the primary source for all of the mental chaos in the Compton family. I definitely think there is some truth to that, judging by  Quentin’s  unusual protectiveness of Caddy, and also their passiveness to Caddy’s promiscuity.

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