April 8th,1928

I have to admit, I was kind of expecting Caddy appear in this part of the book, but I was disappointed to learn that she doesn’t. I wonder if it’s on purpose that Caddy’s perspective is not included at all in the story. I’m not sure who is narrating the last part (Faulkner perhaps?) but it was definitely an interesting ending.

I guess it should have been a given that the CompsonĀ  family would be put in shambles at the end, judging by the rest of the book. I think the destruction of the Compson family was slowly coming to fruition, but the fact that Jason is the one who was given responsibility for the family only sped up the family’s demise.

In a way, I am happy for Miss Quentin. She was smart enough and strong enough to voluntarily get herself out of the chaos of the family. She didn’t let the numerous and forceful attempts from Jason to stop her from doing what she wanted to, which I think is really admirable.

But for me, I am most admirable of Dilsey. Though she’s a character that may be easily overlooked throughout the entire story, She’s also probably the only consistent, stable presence in the household, and this is made especially clear at the end of the story. If the end of the book showed me anything, it’s that this story is worth a second read, with much more attention and credit paid to Dilsey.

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