Last thoughts on Faulkner

Michael’s blog actually got me thinking about my dissatisfaction with the  ending of “The Sound and the Fury”

I too am upset that the novel ended the way it did. I do kind of wish we would have gotten some sort of closure, especially in terms of what happened to Caddy and Jason getting what he rightfully deserves (death may be a bit extreme, so I’ll just say hard punishment). I really would feel better had Faulkner at least addressed those issues. But, I do have an idea of  why he didn’t….

We’re not always going to get closure in life. A lot things may happen, families do fall apart, and sometimes nothing can be done to repair them. While it would have been nice to have a happy ending, I like the empty ending he gives us. I like that it resonates with reality, that in the end you’re not always going to have all the answers to everything. The ending also opens up your imagination on what could possible happen in the future. However, we will never know for sure whether what we imagine will end up coming true, which I admit can be frustrating.

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